Is Nawazuddin’s wife Aaliya ready for a second marriage?

Aaliya revealed how she fell in love with Nawaz and how she ended up living with him and his brother

Mumbai: Bigg Boss OTT season 2 may have only just begun a few days ago but the contestants are already making headlines for their actions and statements. A case in point is Aaliya Siddiqui who recently revealed some interesting information about her estranged relationship with her ex-husband Nawazuddin Siddiqui. She also spoke about her new love and spilt beans on if she will get married for a second time or not.

During one of the candid conversations with her co-contestants in the show, Aaliya revealed how she fell in love with Nawaz and how she ended up living with him and his brother.

Speaking to fellow contestant Cyrus Broacha, Aaliya opened up about how she was kicked out of her house and how Nawaz’s brother offered his help. She said,

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“His brother was his assistant back then. He used to live in Ekta Nagar then. I was living in a PG and got kicked out. So, his brother told me to stay there for a few days.

Aaliya talks about her journey with Nawaz

Furthermore, she also stated that before meeting him face to face she saw his picture first and that it was his eyes that stood out to her about his appearance.

“I saw his photos first and I liked his eyes. His eyes were very sexy. Then we met and fell in love. Then we started living together. This has been our journey,” disclosed the BB contestant.

 Aaliya talks about her new man!

Speaking about her new relationship, Aaliya said that he is Italian and a beautiful person. She said that the mystery man is a ‘software engineer’ and makes her feel protected.

“So he said he liked my eyes and then we started talking. He is a software engineer. He gives you respect and love. He makes you feel protected and chivalrous. That’s why I came into this relationship openly after 19 years. I wasn’t scared,” Aaliya told Cyrus.

Aaliya talked about her marriage plans and said she doesn’t “plan to get married again”.

Aaliya took to her Instagram recently to make her new relationship official. She posted a picture with her ‘new boyfriend’ and wrote, “It has taken over 19 years to get out of the relationship that I treasured. But in my life, my children are my priority, they were always and will be. However, there are few relationships that are bigger than and beyond friendship, and this relationship is the same relationship and I am very happy about the same hence shared my happiness with you all. Don’t I have the right to be happy?”

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