Ishq Murshid’s next episode: Important actor’s death shocks fans

Ishq Murshid's last episode is scheduled to release in cinemas on May 3rd, followed by May 5th on television and YouTube

Islamabad: The ongoing drama Ishq Murshid has become a hot topic of discussion with its gripping storyline captivating audiences across Pakistan and India. Fans are eagerly waiting for the conclusion of the series and speculations are rife regarding the fate of its beloved characters.

Scheduled to release its final episode in cinemas on May 3rd, followed by May 5th on television and YouTube, the drama has kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Lead actors Durefishan Saleem as Shibra and Bilal Abbas Khan as Shahmeer Sikander have garnered praise for their compelling performances.

Ishq Murshid Last Second Episode Deets

In the latest developments, the 29th episode, which aired on April 21st, saw Shibra’s father, Suleman, embroiled in a corruption scandal, leading to his arrest. However, a surprising turn of events awaits in the upcoming episodes, as revealed in the upcoming episode’s promo.

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Contrary to rumors of Shibra’s anticipated demise, it is her father who is set to pass away, leaving fans shocked and divided in their reactions. Some express disappointment, criticizing the decision to conclude the series on a somber note, while others lament the missed opportunity for a happier ending with Shibra and Shahmeer’s wedding only.

With the final episodes set to unveil the fate of its characters, audiences brace themselves for an emotional conclusion to this widely-discussed drama.

Fans Reactions

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