Islamic new year: UAE announces holiday for public and private sector

Saturday, July 30, will be a public holiday on the occasion of Islamic New Year

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced an official paid holiday for all public and private sector employees on Saturday, July 30 for Muharram 1, which marks the start of the Islamic new year 1444 AH (Anno Hegirae in Latin or “in the year of the Hijra”),

Muharram 1’s corresponding date on the Gregorian calendar is likely to fall on Saturday, July 30, as per astronomical calculations. The actual date will be determined by the sighting of the crescent moon.

This comes as part of the implementation of the Cabinet decision on official holidays approved for the public and private sectors for 2022.

MS Education Academy

The Islamic calendar, also known as the Hijri calendar, is a lunar calendar consisting of twelve months beginning with Muharram, and ending with Zul-Hijjah. Each month starts with the sighting of the moon.

The calendar has been observed for more than 1,440 years and is used to date important Islamic events including the start of Ramzan, Eid Al Fitr, and the beginning of the Haj.

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