Jagga Reddy mellowed down after high commands rebuke

Hyderabad: After the Congress High Command intervention, the Telangana MLA Jagga Reddy announced that he will abstain from giving controversial statements in the future.

Jagga Reddy expressed his displeasure over Revanth Reddy meeting Yashwant Sinha and gave strong remarks about this meeting.

Revanth Reddy who is currently in Delhi has complained to the high command and sought disciplinary action against Jagga Reddy. The Party general secretary incharge of Telangana and other leaders called Jagga Reddy and told him to desist from issuing controversial statements. They warned him that disciplinary action against him could be taken.

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After the warning, Jaga Reddy changed his stand. Speaking to the media persons in Gandhi Bhavan, Jagga Reddy said that he is loyal to the party’s high command and will not give any statement against the party’s stand in the future.

Jagga Reddy further said that he is extremely sorry for defying the promise made to Rahul Gandhi.  Overruling the possibility of his joining TRS or BJP, Jagga Reddy said that there is no question of his leaving the Congress Party.

Jagga Reddy reiterated that he is loyal to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and he shall work to strengthen the Congress Party in Telangana and hence the Congress party workers must not harbor any misunderstanding in this regard.

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