Karnataka: Internal discord mars KPSC, thousands of job aspirants left in lurch

An officer of KPSC on condition of anonymity told Siasat.com that the rift between president and others hampering future of thousands of job aspirants

Bengaluru: The Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) is facing a serious internal conflict among its chairman, members, and secretary. The discord is causing a delay in publishing the final selection list for over 1,000 various posts, including Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) and Assistant Engineer (AE). It has also disrupted the process of issuing notifications for more than 2,000 upcoming positions.

The dispute has escalated to chief secretary Vandita Sharma’s office, with a formal complaint lodged against secretary KS Lata Kumari by KPSC president Sivashankarappa Sahukar and members. In a letter to the chief secretary, the president sought instructions to correct the alleged misbehavior of Lata Kumari, highlighting the discord within the commission.

Lata Kumari responded with a letter stating that if the secretary’s statements or opinions did not align with the commission’s resolutions, there should be pressure to remove such opinions during proceedings and to sign relevant resolutions. This exchange has further intensified the rift among the commission’s members.

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Sources reveal that a majority of the commission members are in favour of promptly publishing the final selection list and issuing the pending notifications. However, the secretary, Lata Kumari, did not attend a scheduled commission meeting on the November 7, leading to its cancellation. This non-participation drew criticism from the members, who accused the secretary of neglecting the commission’s constitutional responsibilities.

The chairman subsequently directed the secretary to attend the meeting, but with no response from Lata Kumari, the meeting was officially canceled. In response, the secretary cited issues with the minutes of a previous meeting and suggested a communication gap that could be addressed through direct dialogue.

The ongoing conflict has raised concerns about the efficiency and functionality of the KPSC, with the president urging cooperation and understanding among the members to resolve administrative challenges. The chief secretary has been requested to intervene and provide guidance on the proper functioning of the commission, emphasizing adherence to government rules.

It’s worth noting that the previous secretary, Vikas Kishore Suralkar, was transferred due to coordination issues with the commission. Lata Kumari replaced him. The discord has led to controversies, including the unilateral decision to postpone an examination, adding to the existing challenges faced by the KPSC. An officer of KPSC on condition of anonymity told Siasat.com that the rift between president and others hampering future of thousands of job aspirants.

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