Telangana: Kavitha calls Women’s Bill ‘post-dated cheque’, slams BJP

Kavitha, who is the founder of 'Bharat Jagruti', a cultural organisation, said she is keen on taking up workshops on leadership across the country to prepare women for roles at the helm.

Hyderabad: Ruling BRS MLC in Telangana K Kavitha on Thursday alleged that the Women’s Reservation Bill passed in Parliament is like a post-dated cheque, with no clarity on when it is going to be implemented.

Insisting that women should be given 33 per cent reservation in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies immediately, as per the bill passed in both houses of Parliament, Kavitha accused the NDA government at the Centre of not implementing it despite being able to do so.

“So, it’s a very clear sign and signal to the women of this country that passing the Women’s Reservation Bill is like giving a post-dated cheque. We have signed the cheque. The amount is written but we do not know when you can cash it. There is no point or purpose to this whole exercise. It just looks like tokenism to me,” she told PTI video service here in an interview.

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Yet, the passage of the bill is a good gesture which should be celebrated, she said.

On the demand for reservation for OBC women in the women’s bill, she said the OBCs should get 33 per cent share in Parliament and state assemblies to begin with, and once OBC reservation is given, it will automatically reflect for OBC women as well.

Asked if the winnability factor is cited to stop representation for women, she replied in the affirmative and said more efforts are needed to enhance representation for women and other sections of society in the political system.

Kavitha, who is the founder of ‘Bharat Jagruti’, a cultural organisation, said she is keen on taking up workshops on leadership across the country to prepare women for roles at the helm.

Asked if she would convince her party BRS to ensure adequate representation of women, she, however, replied in the negative. “I am a very small first time MP and first time MLC kind of junior leader. So, nobody can convince the parties. Wasn’t Indira Gandhi an important voice in the party? Wasn’t Sonia Gandhi the only voice in the party. The issue here is you need to give policy protection to the vulnerable section of the society which starts from women,” she said.

It could be upper class women, OBC women, Dalit or Adivasi women but women need policy protection, she said.

How soon the women’s reservation legislation can be implemented and provide representation to OBC women is a larger fight, she said.

On parties like BJP questioning BRS on its friendship with AIMIM which was the sole opposer of women’s reservation in Parliament, she said BRS and AIMIM are “friendly parties” and they have never been alliance partners.

The AIMIM is entitled to have its views, she said. The party’s opposition did not stop the women’s reservation bill, she added.

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