Kejriwal govt set up Feedback Unit to keep an eye on political opponents: Delhi BJP

Sachdeva also said that the people of Delhi demand a reply from the Kejriwal government on the formation of the FBU.

New Delhi: The working President of Delhi BJP, Virendra Sachdeva, said on Wednesday that the Arvind Kejriwal government since its inception in 2015 has been hostile towards political opponents whom it wants to suppress.

Addresssing a press conference here, Sachdeva said that for this purpose, on February 1, 2016, the Kejriwal government had established a Feedback Unit (FBU) to keep an eye on not only political opponents, but Union ministers, MPs, L-G office, media houses, leading businessmen and also on judges.

Sachdeva claimed that to carry out its anarchic practices, the Kejriwal government set up the FBU without any administrative or financial approval only, but only on the basis of the approval of his own Cabinet. The unit was headed by a retired CISF DIG, he said.

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This FBU was provided with an establishment fund of Rs one crore and it was given the name of ‘Secret Service Fund’ which in itself raises the question as to whom did Kejriwal want to investigate for which a secret fund was created, Sachdeva claimed.

Funds worth crores of rupees were given from this fund to private investigating agencies, as well as to set up a network of informers, he said.

From the very beginning, the Vigilance Department had objected to this. In September 2016, when Ashwani Kumar became the Director of Vigilance, he had directly asked FBU for an account of the work done, which it failed to submit, Sachdeva claimed.

When the Delhi government had sent the FBU file to then Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, the latter had not only rejected it, but also objected to the creation of such a new unit by bypassing the Vigilance Department, Sachdeva said.

Sachdeva also said that the people of Delhi demand a reply from the Kejriwal government on the formation of the FBU.

“We want to ask some questions regarding the establishment of FBU for which Kejriwal government is responsible. In spite of the existence of the ACB and the Vigilance Department, why did the Kejriwal government establish the FBU with a retired official as its head?

“What was the purpose behind the establishment of FBU, and if the purpose was clear, why didn’t the government announce it at the time of establishment? According to us, the objective was to keep an eye on political opponents as it is clear from the CBI report that 60 per cent of its reports were only on political opponents. The CBI investigation has revealed that FBU submitted about 700 reports to the Kejriwal government,” Sachdeva said.

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