Kerala govt’s major step to save people from GST hike

Hyderabad: Avoiding confrontation with the central government, the Kerala government had decided to save the poor people of the state from the price rise as it decided to exempt the products manufactured and marketed by women’s self-help groups from GST including packaged and loose foodstuffs.

The state Finance Minister K N Balagopal said that the Kerala government will not impose an extra burden on the people.

It is said that in view of the Kerala government’s GST exemption to self-help groups there is a likely confrontation between the central government’s Ministry of Finance and the Kerala government. The central government can issue a notice to Kerala.

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Balagopala said that the Kerala government is taking measures to safeguard the people from the price rise and help those women who are engaged in industrial activities to encourage them.

The Kerala government always poses an open challenge to the BJP-led central government.  The state government successfully stopped the BJP from increasing its footprint in the state.

Pre-packaged and labelled grains including rice, wheat, and flour (atta) will now be subject to the new Goods and Services Tax at a rate of 5% when they are branded and packaged in a unit container.

When pre-packaged and clearly labelled, other commodities including curd, lassi, and puffed rice would also be subject to GST at the rate of 5%.

The 47th GST Council meeting, which was just held in Chandigarh, decided to increase the GST on these commodities.

In Telangana too, the TRS leaders are continuously targeting the central government policies. Some termed TRS leaders’ diatribe as a mere political stunt. They ask, why does the Telangana government not follow in the footsteps of the Kerala government if it really wants to help its people.

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