List of world’s top 10 countries by GDP after drop in Japan’s ranking

India holds the fifth position.

Japan has slipped from the third to the fourth position in the list of top 10 countries by GDP.

According to data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the current GDP of Japan stands at USD 4.29 trillion.

List of top 10 countries by GDP

The list is led by the United States, with a GDP of USD 27.97 trillion. India, with a GDP of USD 4.11 trillion according to the IMF, holds the fifth position.

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Following are the top 10 countries by GDP, as per the IMF

Country nameGDP (in USD)
United States27.97 thousand billion
China18.56 thousand billion
Germany4.7 thousand billion
Japan4.29 thousand billion
India4.11 thousand billion
United Kingdom3.59 thousand billion
France3.18 thousand billion
Italy2.28 thousand billion
Brazil2.27 thousand billion
Canada2.24 thousand billion
Source: IMF

India’s GDP per capita

Despite India’s substantial GDP, its GDP per capita remains relatively low at USD 2.85 thousand.

As the banking giant Goldman Sachs has predicted that India will become the second-largest economy in the world, surpassing the United States by 2075, GDP per capita is also expected to increase in the coming years.

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