Maheshwaram waqf land under occupation, BRS minister allegedly proposes alternate

Numerous cases of illegal occupation of waqf lands come to light

Hyderabad: Despite promising to grant judicial powers to the Waqf Board and safeguard waqf properties in Telangana, the KCR government has been facing criticism as individuals associated with it are reportedly involved in the destruction of waqf properties.

Numerous cases of illegal occupation of waqf lands by ruling party leaders, including ministers and MLAs, from various districts have recently come to light, raising concerns about the lack of action taken by the Chief Minister.

Instances of encroachment by local ministers on significant waqf lands in Mahbubnagar and Karimnagar have surfaced, and now an estimated 13 acres of waqf land in the Maheshwaram area of Greater Hyderabad already under illegal occupation.

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The remaining portion of this land is reportedly being watched by a local MLA. In an attempt to persuade local Muslims to withdraw their case from the Waqf Tribunal, the MLA and state minister, Sabita Indra Reddy, assured them that an alternative piece of land would be provided in exchange for the waqf land.

The contested area includes survey numbers 57, 58, and 59 of Mankhal village, comprising an Eidgah, graveyard, and Ashoor Khana, all of which are recorded as waqf properties with the Waqf Board. The local managing committee has been persistently fighting against the illegal occupation in the waqf tribunals since 2016. Despite 11 acres of land being under illegal occupation and the government constructing a function hall on the remaining two acres, the matter remains pending in the tribunal.

Local Muslims have expressed dissatisfaction with the state minister’s actions during the committee meetings and demanded continued pursuit of their claim in the Waqf Tribunal. However, reports indicate that the Waqf Board has allegedly stopped the renewal of the managing committee’s mandate under pressure from the state minister.

Amidst these allegations, leaders affiliated with the ruling party are purportedly occupying some of the most valuable waqf lands in the Maheshwaram region. A video has also surfaced showing Education Minister Sabita Indra Reddy addressing workers, advising Muslims to relinquish their claims on waqf lands, while pledging to provide alternative land in return.

The situation has sparked public outcry and raised concerns about the government’s commitment to protecting waqf properties and granting judicial powers to the Waqf Board. As the controversy continues, the fate of these valuable waqf lands remains uncertain.

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