Manikonda lands issue: Waqf activists protest against SC ruling

HYDERABAD: Civil society groups from the Muslim community on Friday protested against the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Manikonda Waqf land parcel of 1654.32 acres, which the apex court said belongs to the Telangana government.

Branding the loss of the Waqf property as a “major scam” few days after the Supreme Court gave a judgement on the Manikonda Jagir lands dispute, activists, supported by political groups such as the BSP, decided to band together to put pressure on the state government over the issue. Activists claim that the state government earlier promised to resolve the issue.

People from various organisations resolved to create a 10-member committee, which would include at least five advocates, to make submissions to the government about the matter during a meeting held on Thursday. They have agreed to hold a dharna on February 25 to draw attention to the problem.

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The ruling TRS not only vowed to secure the lands but also promised to extend ‘judicial powers’ to the Waqf Board before coming to power, claimed activists, referring to Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s “unfulfilled” electoral pledges.

Waqf Properties Protection Cell president M Nayeemullah Shareef said, “Unfortunately, over 75 per cent of these lands are occupied by a handful of encroachers,”.

While the Telangana State Waqf Board has opted to file a review petition in the Supreme Court, some city-based campaigners have decided to intervene in the case and have begun conducting a series of meetings to determine the next course of action.

Supreme Court advocate, Anwar Mohammed Khan said, “In the review petition being filed by Waqf Board, we will be impleading. Our team, led by MA Qavi Abbasi of AIMIM (Inquilab party) is taking up the issue seriously and chalking out a plan.”

“The Waqf Board spent ‘3.27 crore on legal counsels in the final quarter of 2021,” said Save Waqf Properties general secretary Syed Ifteqar Hussaini. Communist Party of India (CPI) leader and ex-Rajya Sabha MP Aziz Pasha said that the state government should not keep promises it can’t keep.

The Protest was led by ex MP & president of All India Tanzeem Insaf, Syed Azeez Pasha, and the president of Deccan Waqf Protection Society, Osman al hajiri , secretary City CPI, ET Narasimha, president of All India Sunni Ulema Board, Hamed Shuttari, Md. Afzal, Advocate, TPCC spokesman Nizamuddin, Secretary of Tpcc, osman Rashid Khan, organising Secretary of TPCC, Md.Khan, Vice President of Tpcc Ashfaq Khan, senior Congress leader, Md.Siraj khan, Tdp youth president, charminar md. Riyaz, Md Khaleel, Activist, Md Imtiyaz waqf , student’s leader, Md.Rehan, MA Akheel and several others including ladies were participated.

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