Meet Hasan, a swashbuckler who sleeps mid-air during paragliding

Most people do not even dare to watch the activities he does mid-air

Hyderabad: You might have asked various people about their hobbies and you might have received almost different replies from everyone. Hobbies of almost 7 people out of 10 vary but there are few people whose hobbies would traumatise you if you hear about them. Yes, some people share unique and very dangerous hobbies which may be life-threatening sometimes but they still love them. Here in this write-up, we will tell you about one of the swashbucklers who loves to do daredevil activities with too much ease. Most people do not even dare to watch the activities he does mid-air. Yes, the Turkish paraglider named Hasan Kaval left everyone in shock when he went paragliding on the couch and after that with his bed in 2022 setting new records.

Sharing his video on Instagram when he went paragliding on the couch, Hasan Kaval wrote, ”I realized the project, which I thought of two years ago, today. I would like to express my endless thanks to my flyferhat1973 brother, who supported me from the beginning to the end of the project, with equipment and tools. Also, I would like to thank you very much for my friend, who has financial and moral support for TV and other equipment. And @ridvanmekik and @muzzybaybe thank you very much for not leaving me alone.”

The video stunt of Hasan Kaval on couch spread like a wildfire on various social media platforms and he was praised globally. But as we have already mentioned that those who decide to do madcap things do not bother about the consequences of their activities and Hasan Kaval being the professional paraglider did another amazing and surprising activity just few months after his first insane stunt.YES, this Turkish man decided to keep doing what is scary for others and easy for him.

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Again after paragliding on the couch, Hasan Kaval surprised netizens with another daredevil stunt. He strapped his bed, alarm clocks and a teddy bear to a paragliding chute and took off a cliff. He found it a little bit tough to take off with so many heavy items initially but he managed somehow and even successfully landed. He also shared a video of this next amazing stunt on YouTube in which he is seen setting an alarm and taking a nap on his bed.

Do you still fear even going paragliding, then take some motivational tips from Hasan kaval and dance mid-air like a Falcon.

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