Metrological Department predicts thundershowers in Hyderabad

Thundershowers in some parts of Telangana are also expected

Hyderabad: Metrological Department Hyderabad on Tuesday predicted light to moderate thundershowers over the district for the next two days.

Speaking to ANI, Sravani, Scientist, Metrological Department Hyderabad said that light to moderate thundershowers is expected today and tomorrow evenings in Hyderabad.

“As seen in the synoptic situations, the conditions are favourable for the withdrawal of South West monsoon for the entire of India that is present up to Madhya Pradesh. For the next 48 hours, it is expected to go up to Vidarbha and North Telangana,” she said.

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“There is another synoptic situation where cyclonic circulation in the North Andaman Sea extends up to 3.1km above sea level. Due to this, the turf has been extended from North Andaman Sea to the South Bay of Bengal towards Tamil Nadu,” she further said.

The Metrological Department also predicted the rainfall would decrease afterwards and some light showers can be expected.

“Due to these synoptic situations, we expect light to moderate thunderstorms and thundershowers in some parts of Telangana especially Northern, North Eastern and Central parts. There will be light to moderate thundershowers in some parts of Telangana for today and tomorrow. The rainfall will decrease afterwards and light to moderate rainfall is expected in isolated places,” Sravani said.

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