Mohammed Zubair will be taken to Bengaluru to recover his electronic devices

With Twitter and other social media platforms pouring large support for Zubair, there is a section of individuals and media organisations that are creating fake news against the arrested journalist.

New Delhi: The Special Cell of Delhi Police will take Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair to Bengaluru to recover his laptop which he used to tweet and upload various contents on different social media sites.

“Zubair was deliberately using religion to outrage a religious group. He was doing this to gain popularity,” the police have alleged.

The Special Cell has said that he was evasive and was not cooperating with the officials. After recovering the laptop, the police will try to access the hard disk memory to check the edited materials which were allegedly posted by him. The laptop will be sent for the forensic examinations at CFSL, Rohini.

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“My laptop and my phone storage are my personal things. They want my laptop only to harass me, only because I have been challenging what certain people have been saying, and some of those people are in power,” Zubair has said through his counsel Vrinda Grover.

Now as the police has got the four days custodial remand, they are all set to take Zubair to Bengaluru on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Zubair has been allowed to meet his lawyer even in Bengaluru.

As per the FIR, accused Zubair had used a screengrab of an old Hindi movie which showed an image of a hotel, with its board reading ‘Hanuman hotel’ instead of ‘Honeymoon hotel’.

In his tweet, Zubair had written, “BEFORE 2014: Honeymoon Hotel. After 2014: Hanuman Hotel”.

The complainant tagging Delhi Police had written, “Linking our God Hanuman Ji with Honeymoon is a direct insult of Hindus because he is a brahmachari. Kindly take action against this.”

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