MS Education Academy offers free education to Thalassemia students in Telangana

Hyderabad: The Chairman of MS Education Academy Mohammad Latif Khan on Tuesday visited Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS) Center at Raghavendra Colony, Aramghar to meet Thalassaemia infected children and youths.

He announced free education to Thalassemia-infected students in the Academy’s schools, junior and degree colleges.

The TSCS, is a registered non-profit organization that offers free blood transfusion services twice a month to 3085 children and youths every month. TSCS is the world’s biggest society serving thalassemia children with modern equipment and specialist doctors in Hyderabad. The TSCS’s free services include doctor consultation, free Laboratory investigations, Medicines, HLA test, HbA2 test of parents, siblings and extended family members, blood transfusion and free bone marrow transplants.

MS Education Academy

The staff at TSCS is working relentlessly to lessen the physical and mental pain of Thalassemia patients.

In view of the difficulties faced by the Thalassemia students, the MS Education Academy decided to provide free education to them as a relief.  This facility will be available to all the 3085 Thalassemia infected students registered with the TSCS.

The TSCS president Chandrakant Agarwal, secretary Suman Jain, and joint secretary Alim Baig expressed their happiness over the announcement. They said that in view of the medicine and other expenditures, the gesture of MS Academy to provide free education will be a big relief to the Thalassemia students and their parents.

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