Muslim Women’s Forum condemns heinous crime committed in Udaipur

Syeda Hameed

Muslim Women’s Forum condemns the heinous crime committed in Udaipur last Tuesday on Kanhaiyalal Teli. The horrific act was done because Kanhaiyalal shared the video clip of BJP leader

Nupur Sharma in which she had made a shameful comment against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It was posted by him on social media. His killers were two Muslim men. They stated that this was their way of punishing Kanhaiyalal for hurting sentiments of Muslims by proliferating this post.

If we look at its incident in the light of the Quran, the Hadith as well as the practice (Sunnah) of the Prophet we find that what the perpetrators did was total negation of the teachings of Islam. Nowhere does Islam permit such a heinous act. Every teaching of Islam, its very spirit has been violated.

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Many examples can be given to prove this point. We will refer two incidents from the Prophet’s life which prove beyond doubt that this crime is repugnant to the spirit of Islam.

The first incident concerns an old woman. Every day, the Prophet used to pass in front of her house and everyday she threw a basket of waste on his head. The Prophet never spoke a word; he went his way quietly. One day the woman did not throw her waste on his head. Then, for several days there was nothing thrown. The Prophet was concerned about her so he enquired. It was then that he found out that the woman was very ill. When he went to ask after her she wept with remorse and shame and became his ardent devotee. The second incident is about the battle of Badr. After he won, many prisoners were bought before the Prophet. One of them, Sohail bin Amru, was known all over the Arabian peninsula for making the most hateful and disrespectful comments about the Prophet. Some of his companions suggested that two of his lower teeth should be torn out so he would never be able to utter such blasphemy. The Prophet was saddened at this suggestion. ‘If I were to do that, Allah will not forgive me on the day of Qayamat, even though I am his Messenger.’

These two incidents prove that the Prophet had compassion, even for those who blasphemed against him.

Taking law into our own hands creates mayhem and helps no one. Need of the hour is for people of all faiths to unite against the forces of hatred. Truth and non-violence is our creed as also sarva dharma sambhav is the only path which we must tread. This is also the teaching of Islam, the very word means peace. These thoughts have been beautifully expressed in a poem by Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali. In 1905, he wrote Hubb-E-Watan (love for the country).

Tum agar chahtey ho mulk ki khair

Na kisi hum watan ko sumjho ghair

Ho Musalmaan iss mein ya Hindu

Bodh mazhab ho ya ho Sikh bandhu

Sab ko meethi nigah se dekho

Samjho aankhon ki putliyan sab ko

Mulk hain inttefaq sey azaad.

Shehr hain ittefaq sey abaad.

Qom jab ittefaq kho baithi.

Apni poonji sey haath dho baithi.

Syeda Hameed, President and Reyaz Ahmad, Fellow, Muslim Womens Forum.

MWF was established in the year 2000. Since then Forum has been working on peace, religious harmony and rights of women.

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