New trending street in Hyderabad: Lights, bites & celebrations!

Evenings see a surge in visitors, with cars lining the road and groups of people gathering

Hyderabad’s ever-evolving landscape has witnessed numerous cafes, places, and vibrant streets emerging in recent years. And in our city, the excitement for discovering and exploring such spots is contagious.

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As soon as information about a fresh spot hits the internet, people waste no time and head out to explore and experience the latest offerings the city has to offer.

One such buzzing location gaining rapid popularity is the T-Hub Phase 2 – Raidurg Link Road. This newly opened road connects the high-tech city corridor to the Raidurg area, seamlessly cutting through the hills and offering a picturesque route.

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What sets this street apart is its enchanting and colorful light show that adorns both sides of the road, transforming the hills into illuminated walls after sunset. This is something that is drawing people in, turning the area into a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Evenings see a surge in visitors, with cars lining the road and groups of people gathering. It has also become one of the favored locations for birthday celebrations.

During weekends and holidays, the T-Hub Phase 2 – Raidurg Link Road becomes a lively hub, attracting crowds seeking a vibrant atmosphere. As you stroll along this buzzing street, you’ll encounter a few inviting ice cream carts, tempting passersby with sweet treats.

Additionally, there is one Idli cart that offers a quick and tasty snack, creating a unique street food experience over there.

For those craving a heartier meal, nearby branches of Shah Ghouse or Pista House offer biryani delights. Alternatively, visitors can choose to have dinner at Inorbit and then head to this trendy street to soak in the vibrant ambiance and enjoy the captivating lights. Check out the viral reels below.

Have you visited this spot? If yes, do share your opinion and thoughts about it. Stay tuned to for more such interesting stories.

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