New Zealand PM Christopher Luxon unveils ambitious 100-day plan

Plan comprises of 49 actions aimed at rebuilding the economy.

Auckland: Newly appointed Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has presented the Coalition Government’s comprehensive 100-day plan, signaling a commitment to transformative change and addressing the challenges faced by New Zealanders. Luxon, emphasizing the need for swift action, outlined the ambitious plan comprising 49 actions aimed at rebuilding the economy, alleviating the cost of living, enhancing public safety, and improving public services.

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Luxon conveyed the government’s dedication to fulfilling the expectations of New Zealanders who voted for a change in policies and approach. The 100-day plan reflects the coalition’s immediate priorities, with a focus on key areas such as:

Removal of Auckland Regional Fuel Tax: Introducing legislation to eliminate the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax.

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Repeal of Clean Car Discount Scheme: Scrapping the ‘Ute Tax’ or Clean Car Discount scheme.

Reshaping Reserve Bank Mandate: Introducing legislation to refocus the Reserve Bank on a single mandate of price stability.

Fair Pay Agreement Legislation Repeal: Scrapping the Fair Pay Agreement legislation.

Flexible Speed Limit Approach: Ceasing blanket speed limit reductions.

Establishment of Regulation Agency: Initiating work to establish a new regulation agency for improving regulatory quality.

Repeal of Three Waters Act: Introducing legislation to repeal the Water Services Entities Act, also known as Three Waters.

Ban on Gang Patches: Introducing legislation to ban gang patches.

Education Reform: Mandating primary and intermediate schools to dedicate an hour to reading, writing, and maths daily, starting in 2024.

Cellphone Ban in Schools: Implementing a ban on the use of cellphones in schools.

Health System Targets: Setting major targets for the health system, including wait times and cancer treatment.

Māori Health Authority Repeal: Introducing legislation to disestablish the Māori Health Authority.

Therapeutics Products Act Repeal: Initiating work to repeal the Therapeutics Products Act 2023.

Smokefree Environments Act Repeal: Repealing amendments to the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990 and associated regulations.

Luxon concluded by expressing confidence in the Coalition Government’s ability to tackle the country’s challenges with a dedicated team and a strategic approach. The 100-day plan reflects the government’s commitment to fulfilling the mandate for change entrusted by the New Zealand electorate.

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