No charging needed: Chinese firm makes battery with 50-year life

The company has announced that it will soon be mass producing these nuclear batteries for commercial use

A China-based firm, Betavolt New Energy Technology, has claimed to have successfully developed a nuclear-energy (radioisotope) battery that can generate electricity for up to 50 years without the need for charging or maintenance.

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The size of the battery will be smaller than a coin, as the company has managed to squeeze 63 isotopes into that module that’s smaller than a coin. Moreover, the company has claimed that it is the first battery in the world to realize the miniaturization of atomic energy.

As the next-generation battery is already going through different tests, Betavolt has announced that it will soon be mass producing them for commercial usage like other gadgets.

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In an official statement, the company claimed that these atomic energy “batteries can meet the needs of long-lasting power supply in multiple scenarios, such as aerospace, AI equipment, medical equipment, microprocessors, advanced sensors, small drones, and micro-robots.”

In the era of artificial intelligence, this new innovation “will help China gain a leading edge in the new round of the AI technological revolution,” the statement further said.

As per Futurism, a tech-oriented media outlet, the nuclear battery is made of wafer-thin layers of nuclear isotopes and diamond semiconductors. The dimensions of the battery are 15x15x5 mm.

Currently, it generates 100 mW of power at 3V. The goal, however, is to reach 1W of power output by 2025.

“The radiation poses no danger to the human body, making it usable in medical devices such as pacemakers,” Betavolt said.

Furthermore, the design is layered, which prevents the battery from catching fire or exploding due to sudden force. The company also claimed that the battery can potentially work in temperatures ranging from -60 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius.

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