Non implementation of fee reimbursement scheme leading to closure of minority colleges

Hyderabad: The Government of Telangana’s department of minority affairs has failed for the past 3 years to implement a fee reimbursement scheme which is causing many problems not only to the students but to the authorities of the colleges.

The state government is claiming that it is taking steps for the Welfare of the minority community students. But due to the non-implementation of the reimbursement scheme for the last 3 years, the colleges are demanding fees from students.

The officials in the department of minority affairs say that the department of Finance has not released the funds and they have nothing to do with this delay.

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While on the other hand, the officials of the finance department say that the bills from the department of minority affairs are being received late and hence they are unable to obtain the budget.

In view of these contrasting claims, it becomes quite obvious that the state government is not serious about the schemes launched for the welfare of the minority communities. Its declaration of the budget is nothing but a whitewash.

From the formation of Telangana state, many engineering colleges were forced to shut down and the nonrelease of the refund is cited as the main reason.

After the closure of engineering colleges, now under the current situation, there is a likelihood of minority degree colleges being closed across the state as the delay in releasing the reimbursement of fees is causing great financial difficulties to the college authorities.

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