Nothing Phone (2): Turn your swag on with less distraction, more fun

First of all, its super-cool design language is something that will win your heart. 

New Delhi: Very few smartphones come with a unique swag and a cool vibe and Nothing Phone (2) is certainly one of those — with one-of-its-kind translucent panel design at the back and the the light strip notifications — that has won itself half the battle even before it is available to the public after bumper pre-order sales.

Known for its cool teasers, the London-based consumer electronics brand Nothing has brought its second-generation flagship smartphone to India that is engineered to be more useful.

It offers a new Glyph Interface at the back, enabling users to minimise screen interactions by accessing key information at a glance. 

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According to Carl Pei, CEO and Co-founder of Nothing, the smartphone is a vital tool in our lives, but it has increasingly become a distracting force, making us less present and less creative.

Will the 12/512GB variant make us more creative sans much distraction? Let’s find out.

First of all, its super-cool design language is something that will win your heart. 

Phone (2) showcases enhanced aesthetics, achieved through a harmonised and symmetrical design approach that carefully considers the shapes, colours, positioning, and texture of each component. 

Additionally, the device provides a more ergonomic hands-on experience with a 1 mm thinner mid-frame and a pillowed glass back.

Next comes the rear panel that is the device’s USP. The all-new Glyph Interface has been designed to encourage users to be more present in their everyday life, by providing essential information without the constant need to look at the screen. 

You can assign personalised light and sound sequences to contacts and apps to stay one step ahead of incoming notifications like an Uber ride coming your way or online food delivery.

Nothing has enhanced its signature Glyph Interface on Phone (2) by increasing the number of LED segments to allow for greater customisability and functionality. 

The Glyph Interface can now serve as a visual countdown and progress tracker for ride or delivery services. 

It also offers additional functionalities such as a volume checker, and timer. With Essential Glyph Notifications, users can stay focused without missing what matters the most. 

When receiving a notification from selected contacts or apps, the top-right LED segment will remain on until it has been addressed.

Moreover, you can create your own Glyph ringtones to identify certain key notifications in a jiffy.

Next is a revamped Nothing OS 2.0 that delivers a fast and smooth experience.

Powered by the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, Phone (2) delivers Nothing’s most premium smartphone experience to date, boasting a powerful 50MP dual rear camera with advanced algorithms for true-to-life photography, and a stunning 6.7-inch OLED display with LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide).

LTPO is a backplane technology for OLED displays that allows displays to change the refresh rate dynamically depending on various conditions.

On the camera front, Phone (2) offers the most premium camera experience to date, featuring a 32MP front camera, and a dual rear camera system that has two advanced 50 MP sensors, with a main sensor upgraded to the Sony IMX890.

Equipped with an advanced 18-bit Image Signal Processor (ISP), Phone (2) has the ability to process camera data up to 4,000 times more than its predecessor, Phone (1). 

This empowers Phone (2) to leverage cutting-edge algorithms, resulting in incredible levels of accuracy for both photos and videos. 

Capturing three times more data than before, the new Advanced HDR algorithm takes eight frames with varying exposure levels within the RAW domain of the sensor. 

This enables it to preserve an abundance of intricate details in each frame, ultimately merging them to produce a final image that captures the most true-to-life result. 

Phone (2) elevates video recording capabilities with stunning 4K resolution at 60fps on the main rear camera. The experience is further enhanced by Action Mode. Additionally, the front camera enables captivating self-recording in immersive 1080P at 60fps.

On the battery front, it offers a 4700mAh battery with a last-longing life. The battery life is much improved from Phone (1).

Phone (2) is available in both white and dark gray, with following variants to choose from: 8GB/128GB in dark gray (Rs 44,999) while 12GB/256GB (Rs 49,999) and 12GB/512GB (₹Rs 54,999) in both colours with some attractive discounts.

Phone (2) will go on open sale in India on July 21 via Flipkart and select retail outlets.

Conclusion: This premium smartphone is certainly for those who want to get their swag on yet still want to be less distracted from their device. It’s for those who want technology to be fun once again amid monotonous and boring devices.

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