NSA Ajit Doval’s ‘secret’ visit to Hyderabad shrouded in mystery

He reportedly stayed in Hyderabad for about three hours and left for Delhi by special plane

Hyderabad: National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has a reputation for conducting covert operations. This time the NSA has reportedly made a secret visit to Hyderabad without informing the state police or the intelligence.

It has been learned from reliable sources that Ajit Doval arrived in Hyderabad by a special plane without any security, he traveled in a small car like an ordinary citizen and reportedly met some important personalities. He stayed in Hyderabad for about three hours and left for Delhi by special plane.

Doval has conducted several major operations for India’s internal security. He disguised himself as a beggar in neighbouring Pakistan for a long time and provided vital information to India while spying undercover. Even when terrorists infiltrated Amritsar’s Golden Temple, he disguised himself as a rickshaw puller during operation Black Thunder II and informed the security officials about the situation.

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Why did the National Security Advisor visit Hyderabad? And what is the reason for keeping the visit a secret? Who did he meet? Under what mission did he come to Hyderabad? All these questions are shrouded in mystery.

Recently, a few Popular Front of India (PFI) activists have been arrested in several districts of Telangana apart from Hyderabad. Apart from this, there has been a sudden increase in the activities of central investigative agencies in Telangana. The secret visit of the National Security Adviser is also being seen in this context.

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