Nuh communal violence was being planned for 3 months: BJP worker

When asked about Monu Manesar's involvement, the BJP said he did not know the Bajrang Dal cow vigilante personally and declined to comment.

A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker from Haryana’s Faridabad district, Pappu Qureshi, has claimed that communal clashed in Nuh were pre-planned. Pappu also claims to be a friend of Bajrang Dal member Bittu Banjrangi, who was recently booked for his alleged involvement in the communal riots.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, August 9, Qureshi alleged that the communal riots were being planned for three months. “I have been friends with Bittu Bajrangi for over 15 years. Bittu, a vegetable seller, would often talk about communal clashes. He always wanted to create communal tension.”

Qureshi said that Bittu often posted anti-minority and provocative content on social media in an attempt to turn the youth against Muslims.

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Qureshi alleged that Bittu’s initial plan was to create a communal clash in Faridabad. “A fight had occurred between a Hindu drug addict and a Muslim tempo driver. Bittu took this as an opportunity and created a Facebook post where he declared that Hindus are in danger. Thankfully we took cognizant of the situation and informed the Faridabad police who prevented it,” Qureshi told reporters.

Qureshi said that the shobha yatra in Nuh was a common annual peaceful event. “Every year, nearly 500 people participate in the shobha yatra. But this year, more than 10,000 people came. Where did these people come from? How were they allowed?” Qureshi asked.

Qureshi alleged that Bittu distributed rifles to people, thus, making the atmosphere dangerous. Speaking about the six people who died in the clash, Qureshi said they were murdered by a few elements who love violence.

“Those six people who died were not killed by Hindus or Muslims. They were killed by these (Bittu Bajrangi) people,” an emotional Quereshi said.

When asked if Bittu Bajrangi was supported by political parties, Qureshi declined to comment. “I am not here against any political party be it the Congress party or the BJP. I am here because I know how evil Bittu is. I know him inside-out,” he said.

It is pertinent to mention that rumours about the presence of another cow vigilante, Monu Manesar, at the procession taken out by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) in Nuh had fuelled the violence. Monu is the prime accused in the murder case of brothers Junaid and Nasir, whose charred bodies were found in Bhiwani.

On Monu Manesar, Qureshi said he did not know the Bajrang Dal cow vigilante personally and declined to comment on it.

“I came here because every time I see the news, my heart aches. Those six people died in vain,” he said.

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