NZ skier’s venture to address lack of quality equipment in Gulmarg

Partnering with local enthusiasts and business stakeholders, Winstone aims to leverage the expertise of Kashmiri craftsmen to produce top-notch ski equipment

Baramulla: Tucked within the Pir Panjal mountain range of the Himalayas, Gulmarg is a coveted winter haven, captivating adventurers with its breathtaking landscapes and premier skiing slopes. Located approximately 50 kilometers from Srinagar, this picturesque valley attracts millions of visitors annually, drawn by the allure of winter sports amidst its snow-cloaked terrain.

“I had planned to visit in January, but unfortunately, there was no snowfall then. I had to wait, and now I’m thrilled to see Gulmarg blanketed in snow, ready for skiing,” shares Romana, a visitor from Delhi eager to hone her skiing skills.

For nearly three months, from December through early March, Gulmarg transforms into a haven for skiing enthusiasts, offering a myriad of exhilarating activities including skiing, snowboarding, and heliskiing.

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Anastasia from Russia, a frequent visitor to Kashmir for the past two years, expresses the joys of heliskiing in Gulmarg, deeming it her most cherished experience amid the mountains and powdery snow.

“Every winter, I eagerly anticipate returning to Gulmarg. The mountains, the snow, and the warmth of the Kashmiri people keep pulling me back,” Anastasia remarks, emphasizing the professionalism of the locals and the exhilarating experiences offered by heliskiing.

In the midst of this enthusiasm for skiing in Gulmarg, Angus Winstone, a seasoned skier from New Zealand, has been inspired to establish a skiing equipment manufacturing factory in Kashmir.

“I fell in love with Gulmarg during my skiing adventures here in 2019. The passion of the local guides and the unparalleled beauty of the region motivated me to introduce more New Zealanders to this enchanting destination,” Winstone shares.

Recognizing a need for quality ski equipment tailored to the unique conditions of Gulmarg, Winstone embarked on a venture to establish a manufacturing facility in Kashmir.

“Last year, we developed a business plan to address the shortage of ski equipment in the region. With the growing interest in skiing among Indians and the lack of suitable equipment, we saw an opportunity to establish a factory in Kashmir,” explains Winstone.

Partnering with local enthusiasts and business stakeholders, Winstone aims to leverage the expertise of Kashmiri craftsmen to produce top-notch ski equipment.

“Our goal is to ensure that the skis are crafted by individuals who truly understand skiing. By establishing the factory in close proximity to Gulmarg, we aim to cater to the burgeoning demand for professional-grade equipment,” he asserts, expressing optimism about the venture’s potential to empower local youth and elevate Kashmir’s status as a premier skiing destination.

As Winstone’s vision takes shape, it not only promises to enhance the skiing experience in Gulmarg but also underscores the region’s potential as a hub for adventure sports enthusiasts worldwide.

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