On Eid, senior imam speaks about ending communal hatred in Kerala

Amid atrocities in the nation against Muslims, Christians, and other minorities, a senior Muslim Imam has called for the isolation of anyone, regardless of religion or political affiliation, who does anything to polarise society.

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On Tuesday, Imam of Palayam Mosque VP Suhaib Maulavi organised an Eid gathering in Thiruvananthapuram, saying it’s time to eradicate hatred from Kerala society.

Speaking at the gathering, the imaam talked about some past incidents that happened in Kerala against minorities, Muslims, and Christians. and believe that in Kerala, society would control any attempt to communally polarise the state.

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Furthermore, Imaam asked for an apology from senior politician P.C George for bad mouthing the Muslim community.

The imam reminded the crowd that the Juma Masjid in Thiruvananthapuram is one of the places of worship that welcome Hindu devotees who arrive in the city for Attukal Pongala, which is regarded as the world’s largest gathering of women for a religious event.

In the event after Eid prayer at Chandrashekaran Nair Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram, the imaam also remarks that the Non-Muslims celebrate the festival Attukal Pongala (In a ten-day festival women prepare a divine food made of rice in earthen pots and offer it to the Goddess of the Temple on the ninth day of the fest.) in Juma Mosque and this will continues as long as they want.

When political killings rock the state, the imam urged everyone, including Muslims, not to take sides. “Killings for political or religious reasons must not be justified,” Imaam added.

“We Muslims, Hindus, Christians, believers and non-believers will not allow anyone to create communal polarisation in the name of religion,” the Imam said at the event, which was attended by state governor Arif Mohammed Khan and others.

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