Only Adanis and Ambanis’ income doubled in NDA rule: Telangana Minister

Hyderabad: Ridiculing the Centre’s claim that the income of farmers in some states has doubled, Telangana Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy on Tuesday said only the Adanis’ and Ambanis’ income doubled during the NDA regime.

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Reddy, in a statement, said that by doubling the prices of fertilizers, diesel and petrol in the country, investment cost for agriculture has doubled.

According to him, out of 53 crops that are grown in the country, Minimum Support Price (MSP) was declared only for 29 commodities of which mainly four or five crops are being bought at the support price. That too, only 25 per cent of the harvested crop is being procured, he said.

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The minister alleged that importing the crops which are abundantly grown here is a proof of the central government’s “anti-agricultural and anti-farmer” decisions.

He further alleged that the Centre without having any comprehensive policy or plan for the agriculture sector was trying to fix meters to farmers’ pump sets.

Reddy said on one hand the Centre asks states to increase the paddy production and the other hand looks the other way when it comes to procurement.

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