PM Modi asking for ‘400-plus’ seats as BJP intends to end reservation: Congress

Khera said people were trusting the words of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and that he earned this trust because of his 'Bharat Jodo Yatra' and 'Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra'.

New Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday alleged that the real intent of the BJP is to change the Constitution and end reservation, and that is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party’s leaders are asking for “400-plus” seats.

The opposition party also hit out at the prime minister over his remark that the Supreme Court’s Ram Mandir verdict would be overturned if the Congress came to power.

“The distraught prime minister today said the Supreme Court’s verdict on Ram Mandir will be overturned if the Congress forms the government. He forgot that the Congress remained firm on its stand that if this dispute was not resolved through mutual reconciliation, the court’s decision would be final. The BJP kept changing its stand every three-four years,” Congress leader Pawan Khera said.

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Khera also claimed that the BJP was threatening opposition and independent leaders against contesting elections as was seen in Surat and Indore.

The Congress leader added that even in Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s constituency of Gandhinagar, candidates who don’t even have the remotest chance of winning were getting threats to withdraw their nominations.

He alleged that several BJP leaders, including Anant Kumar Hegde, Jyoti Mirdha, Diya Kumari and Arun Govil, have said they want to change the Constitution. The Congress also shared Diya Kumari’s video on its social media handle, Khera added.

“This is why they are after 400-plus seats… When one needs only 272 seats to form a government, why is the prime minister asking for 400-plus seats,” he said.

“The one who has the confidence of crossing 400 is not allowing candidates to contest by threatening them. That is why we are saying that the Constitution is in danger,” he told reporters.

Khera further said that Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge has written a letter to the leaders of the INDIA bloc as the data of voting in two phases of the Lok Sabha polls came quite late and some “discrepancies” were observed.

“You also saw that before the third phase. PM Modi was being interviewed, in which no questions were asked of him. An attempt is being made to portray him as great. It is very sad to see this condition of journalists,” he added.

Khera said people were trusting the words of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and that he earned this trust because of his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ and ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’.

“No matter how much Modiji lies and diverts attention, people now have faith in justice,” he said.

On several Congress leaders quitting and joining the BJP, Khera said, everything in the Modi government is borrowed. “When they were forming the government, they borrowed schemes from the UPA government and renamed those,” he said.

“It has been 10 years and now they are taking leaders and spokespersons on loan from us. You have no leader, no issue and no narrative… They should be ashamed,” Khera said.

The Congress leader said that by the end of the second phase of the election, a shameful incident came to light. “Prajwal Revanna, who committed a sexual crime, turned out to be from ‘Modi Ka Parivar’. The BJP had all the information about Prajwal Revanna, but PM Modi kept asking for votes for that rapist,” he alleged.

“It feels strange to hear lies from the mouth of Prime Minister Modi. But, sometimes, he has to lie on electoral bonds and other times, he has to lie on our manifesto. This is the speciality of Narendra Modi’s degree in ‘Entire Political Science’, in which he lies without studying,” Khera said.

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