PM Modi extends wishes on beginning of Ramzan

Ramzan is the holiest month in Islam

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended greetings as the month of Ramzan began on Friday.

“May this holy month bring greater unity and harmony in our society,” PM Modi said in a tweet.

“May it also reaffirm the importance of serving the poor”, he further said.

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Ramzan, which is the holiest month in the religion of Islam, has finally arrived. It marks the beginning of the month-long fasting period.

During the 30 days or so, people belonging to the Muslim community exercise restraint in their eating habits and eat only twice a day — a pre-fast meal at dawn called ‘sehri’, and a post-fast meal after sunset called ‘iftar’.

Traditionally, the fast is broken with dates and water followed by a light and nutritious meal.

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