PM speaks to Yediyurappa; prompts murmurs in political circles

After the meeting with PM Modi, Yediyurappa, under whose leadership BJP achieved power in the state, is likely to be involved in the strategizing and poll campaigning.

Bengaluru: The meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Karnataka BJP strongman B.S. Yediyurappa on the sidelines of the party’s national executive committee meeting in Delhi, has fuelled speculations in political corridors of Karnataka.

During the recent visit of PM Modi to Karnataka to inaugurate the National Youth Festival, Yediyurappa was to be seen nowhere. Party insiders stated that he was not invited and snubbed.

However, PM Modi met Lingayat strong man Yediyurappa and spoke to him for 15 minutes in a private meeting over state politics. The development has led to many speculations and has been a topic of discussion among state political circles especially BJP insiders.

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The high command has taken special keen interest regarding the impending Assembly polls in Karnataka, scheduled in less than three months. BJP insiders explain that Yediyurappa has spoken to PM Modi about strategies to ensure victory for the party.

The meeting has raised new calculations in the party. After making Yediyurappa, a member of BJP Central Parliamentary Committee, the party had again snubbed him as he was not allowed to carry out state tours single-handedly.

Yediyurappa was not seen during the visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to the state.

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