Police bust ‘ganja milkshake’ operation in Hyderabad

Officers seized 4 kg of ganja powder and 160 packets of ganja chocolates.

Hyderabad: A new method of cannabis consumption known as “ganja milkshake” uncovered during police raid and apprehension of prime accused, Manoj Kumar Agarwal, along with his sons Murari Kumar Agarwal and Nitish Kumar Agarwal, hailed from West Bengal.

The trio inspired by a relative accused of selling ganja chocolates and ganja powder from their store in Jagathgirigutta. The accused received the ganja, including the milkshake powder, concealed in kumkum packages.

Following the raid at Jayasri Traders, officers seized 4 kg of ganja powder and 160 packets of ganja chocolates.

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Typically, during the transportation of ganja, some of it breaks down into powder known as “choora,” which is sold at lower prices for smoking. However, the accused trio collaborated with a manufacturer in Indore to convert the choora into milkshake powder, sold in sachets to low-income consumers.

To further investigate the matter, the police sought assistance from the Telangana State Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TS-NAB) to apprehend the Indore-based manufacturer.

A senior police officer highlighted that the milkshake additive made from choora is merely a money-making scheme, as it contains minimal THC, the psychoactive component of ganja. The officer cautioned consumers that choora does not induce significant psychoactive effects and urged them to refrain from consuming ganja altogether.

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