Qatar records heaviest rainfall in 60 years

Unprecedented rainfall is not a sign of climate change

Doha: Qatar experienced the heaviest rainfall in nearly 60 years, but the unprecedented rainfall is not a sign of climate change, according to a senior meteorological official.

Various regions of Qatar have witnessed, since Thursday morning, large amounts of rain accompanied by thunder and lightning. It was the first time such rains were witnessed in Qatar in the month of July.

The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) says that thunder and rainfall will continue in most areas of the country until the end of this week.

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“High levels of humidity and condensation of vapour led to an increase in clouds and helped rainfall in such an intense manner that we saw. But there is not any exceptional cause related to climate change behind this.”

The director of Meteorology Department at Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority Abdullah Al Mannai said in an interview with Arabic Al-Rayyan channel,

Regarding what is reported on social media about climate change, Abdullah Al Mannai said that people want to say that it is climate change, but so far there is no relationship or connection with climate change.

According to him, Qatar has not had such heavy rainfall in July since 1962.

“Next year there will be a drop in temperatures, but these changes are temporary and happen several times. This is an exceptional event.”

Al Ammani was quoted by Arabic channel Al-Rayyan.

The activists on Twitter #Rain_Qatar published videos of rain in Qatar, at an unusual time of the year.

Southern Iran also experienced flash floods, at least 53 people were killed.

Gulf region in general is affected by an unusual air depression, as the weather is usually hot at this time of the year and precipitation is excluded, and the Emirati Emirate of Fujairah suffered from the impact of weather conditions on Wednesday, which required intervention from the Ministry of Defense to relief those affected by the heavy rains.

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