Rainfall in Hyderabad: What to do if snakes, crocodiles venture into house?

Snakes are making their way into residential areas due to heavy rainfall in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Amid heavy rainfall in Hyderabad, snakes are making their way into residential areas. Several houses, companies, and factories on the outskirts of the city have recently reported snake sightings due to the flooding caused by the downpours.

Recently, crocodiles appeared on the bank of the Krishna river near Pasupula village in Narayanapet district.

A few months ago, residents of localities near Mir Alam Tank complained about crocodiles residing in the tank.

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In view of these incidents and the continuous rainfall in Hyderabad, it is essential to know how to handle a situation if snakes, crocodiles, or any other wild animals enter houses.

If anyone spots a wildlife animal such as crocodiles, they can contact the Telangana Forest Department at phone number 1800 425 5364. In the case of snakes, they can reach out to the Friends of Snakes Society by dialing cell phone number 8374233366.

For any other animals, individuals can contact Animal Warriors at cellphone number 9697887888.

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