Ramzan 2024: 12 Must-visit Haleem spots in Hyderabad

Among the plethora of Iftar items, one word that echoes throughout Hyderabad during this month is 'Haleem'

Ramzan has arrived, and the streets of Hyderabad are buzzing with Haleem bhattis!

When it comes to Ramzan feasting in Hyderabad, there’s no denying that the city serves up some of the finest delicacies, ranging from Haleem to Biryanis and kebabs to sweets. Among the plethora of Iftar items, one word that echoes throughout the city during this month is ‘Haleem,’ leaving people craving for it every day.

So, what exactly is Haleem?

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This mouth-watering dish boasts a unique texture, prepared by pounding mutton or chicken, mixing it with a plethora of dry fruits and spices, and slow-cooking it on a Bhatti (charcoal stove) in a large vessel. Indulging in Haleem means setting aside dietary concerns, as it has loads of ghee. Drooling already, aren’t you?

12 Top Haleem Restaurants In Hyderabad 2024

Ramzan nearing! 10 much-hyped Haleem spots in Hyderabad
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Many of you must have already experienced delicious Haleem at various spots in the city, but, if you’re seeking the best of the best or are a visitor to the city and eager to savor authentic Hyderabadi haleem, we’ve got you covered with a list of 12 much-hyped places here.

Hyderabad boasts numerous restaurants that are known for serving top-notch Haleem, attracting crowds during and after Iftar. Have a look at the list without further ado.

1. Pista House

2. Grand Hotel, Abids

3. Subhan Bakery

4, Hotel Shadab

5. Shah Ghouse

6. Paradise

7. Sarvi

8. Cafe 555

9. Peshawar

10. Mandaar

11. Nayaab Hotel

12. Cafe Bahar

While we’ve listed 12 such much-hyped spots, it’s undeniable that Hyderabad is a haven for Haleem aficionados, with many hidden gems waiting to be explored!

Which spot is your favorite among the ones mentioned above? In your opinion, which restaurant offers the most authentic taste of Hyderabadi haleem? Let us know in the comments section below.

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