Ranchi cops refute claims that Muslims planned to attack Ram Navami procession

Several right-wing trolls claimed that stones found on terraces of under-construction buildings 'belonging to Muslims' were meant to target the procession

In the wake of Ram Navami, the Ranchi Police conducted a drone surveillance operation to ensure that the city was prepared for the festivities and that all necessary safety measures were in place.

During the surveillance, it was observed that at least 10 buildings that were under construction had large quantities of bricks and stones stored on their terraces.

In response to this observation, the Ranchi Police issued notices to the owners of these buildings, instructing them to remove the bricks and stones from their terraces. This was done as a precautionary measure to prevent any untoward incidents that could potentially occur during the Ram Navami processions.

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However, soon after this news was reported, several right-wing Hindu accounts began to communalise the issue, claiming stones were found on the rooftops of the houses belonging to Muslims. They went peddling the theory that Muslims were preparing to attack Shobha Yatra which was scheduled to commence on Thursday.

Ranchi Police warned

Shortly after right-wing trolls began spreading conspiracy theories about Muslims, the Ranchi Police responded to the hatemongers on X and refuted the claims.

“This is a baseless and irresponsible allegation, the actions were simply a routine practice of conducting checks before festivals that involve processions,” Police clarified.

“Linking the drone’s picture with a particular community is a malicious action. Ranchi Police has already clarified the matter through its Twitter handle, hence it is requested not to spread misleading news. Security is being provided to all the processions by the district administration,” police further mentioned.

The Ranchi police issued warnings to people spreading false information and pushing divisive ideas.

Legal action will be taken against those who post misleading messages, Ranchi police said.”

Reports of Muslims planning attack were circulated on social media platforms. While debunking the allegations, Ranchi Police said that conducting checks and issuing notices to building owners is a standard procedure. It is carried out before any festival — Hindu, Muslim, or Christian — that involves processions, police said

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