Ratings of Indian schools in Dubai improved in 2022-23: KHDA

For the first time, none of Dubai's Indian curriculum schools have been evaluated as weak. 

Abu Dhabi: Indian curriculum schools in Dubai have shown significant improvement in their rating for the year 2022-2023, according to results released by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

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The KHDA inspects schools in the city and rates them as outstanding, very good, good, fair, or weak.

In the academic year 2022-2023, of the 32 Dubai schools with an Indian curriculum, only one was rated as outstanding.

MS Education Academy

GEMS Modern Academy was the only school rated as outstanding by KHDA. It received the rating for the 10th consecutive year.

While one school was rated as outstanding, 10 were rated as very good, 10 were rated as good, 11 were rated as acceptable, and there was no school with a poor Indian curriculum in Dubai.

In a statement on its website the KHDA said, “73 per cent of students attend Indian curriculum schools rated Good or better, and the proportion of students attending Very Good schools has increased to 42 percent, up from 37 percent in 2019-20.”

“More than 6,000 students benefited from the improved ratings this year. Six schools in Dubai improved their rating compared to the 2019-2020 inspection cycle: two schools improved from good to very good; three schools improved from acceptable to good; and one school moved from weak to acceptable,” KHDA added.

KHDA said 85,588 students study in 32 Indian curriculum schools in the city. There are 43,517 male students and 42,031 female students.

Outstanding Indian Schools in Dubai

  • Gems Modern Academy

Very Good Indian Schools in Dubai

  • The Indian High School    
  • Delhi Private School  
  • GEMS Our Own English High School   
  • The Millenium School   
  • JSS International Schools   
  • JSS Private School
  • Ambassador School    
  • GEMS New Millenium School    
  • GEMS Our Own Indian School    
  • Credence High School

Good Indian Schools in Dubai

  • Primus Private School   
  • The Indian High School Branch    
  • Our Own High School Branch    
  • GEMS Legacy School    
  • Springdales School   
  • The Indian Academy  
  • The Indian International School (DSO)   
  • Sabari Indian School    
  • Amity School   
  • Global Indian International School

Acceptable Indian Schools in Dubai

  • Woodlem Park School    
  • Elite English School   
  • Gulf Indian High School      
  • New Indian Model School  
  • The Central School  
  • Buds Public School   
  • Little Flower English School     
  • Crescent English School    
  • Gulf Medical School
  • Bright Riders School   
  • Pearl Wisdom School

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