‘Remove principal who denied entry to Muslim students wearing hijab’

Right to practice religion is a fundamental right

Bengaluru: The Karnataka Congress has demanded removal of the Principal of Kundapur Pre-University College of the state’s Udupi district for denying entry to Muslim girl students in hijab to the college.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Siddaramaiah, the Leader of Opposition from Congress party stated that the government has not mandated uniform at pre-university levels.

The Principal of Kundapur College in Udupi district has closed entrance gates for the 19 Muslim students wearing hijab and stopped them from entering college. This is against the fundamental right of the citizens, he stated.

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“An MLA Raghupathi Bhat has told the college management it seems to make uniform compulsory. Who is this fellow to make it compulsory? Besides, it is a government college. This Principal, who gets his salary from state exchequer stands at the entrance and closes the gate at the behest of BJP MLA. The principal of the college should be removed,” Siddaramaiah said.

“To give it a political turn, BJP has making students to wear saffron shawls, this is being done deliberately to make it an issue. Why they did not come in saffron shawls all these days? Head scarves (hijab) are being worn since many years. It is a right enshrined in the constitution. Why you are trying to stop it?” he asked.

“The matter has reached the High Court. Two petitions have been submitted in the court. We have to see what happens. Individually, I feel that it violates the fundamental rights of students. This intention is to prevent Muslim girls from getting education. This is a conspiracy to keep the girl students away from studies,” he said.

“Right to Education is a fundamental right. Right to practice religion is a fundamental right. This is very bad. The principal of the college stands near the gate and he prevents them from entering even as children cry is inhuman,” he added.

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