Right to apprenticeship, compensation for paper leak in Congress manifesto for youth

The 'Yuva Nyay' manifesto aims to address the aspirations and concerns of the youth through well-researched and consultative policy measures

Hyderabad: The Congress party has unveiled its manifesto for the youth ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, titled “Yuva Nyay,” outlining various initiatives aimed at empowering young individuals across the nation.

One of the key proposals under the manifesto is the “Right to Apprenticeship Programme,” which guarantees employment opportunities for college graduates and diploma holders under the age of 25. Through this initiative, eligible individuals will be placed in government, public, or private sector organisations to gain practical skills and on-the-job learning. Participants will receive a stipend of Rs. 1 lakh per year during the one-year apprenticeship period.

According to Congress estimates, around 20 lakh youth below the age of 25 with a diploma or above are expected to benefit from this programme annually. It is anticipated that approximately 10 lakh enterprises with a turnover of Rs. 5 crore and above will participate in the scheme, providing training to an average of five apprentices per year.

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The cost of the apprenticeship stipend will be shared between the government and the employer, making it financially appealing for businesses while also expanding employment opportunities for the youth.

Additionally, the Congress party plans to amend the current Apprentices Act, 1961, to establish a “Right to Apprenticeship,” which mandates companies to take in apprentices as a percentage of their labour force. This initiative aims to scale up the participation of companies in the apprenticeship program and ensure the availability of skilled workers in various sectors.

The manifesto also includes provisions for “Paper Leak Se Mukti,” introducing new laws to prevent paper leaks in examinations by ensuring the highest standards of integrity and fairness. Monetary compensation for victims and fast-track courts to punish offenders are among the key features of this proposed law.

Furthermore, the Congress promises to fill all vacant positions in the Central government, totaling approximately 30 lakh vacancies. Additionally, the party pledges to bring in new laws to provide better working conditions and social security for workers in the gig economy.

Under the “YuvaRoshini” initiative, the Congress proposes to allocate a corpus of Rs. 5000 crore for startups, with allotments across all constituencies of India specifically targeting youth below 40 years old.

The manifesto reflects extensive consultations with experts, economists, and businesses, aiming to address the aspirations and concerns of the youth through well-researched and consultative policy measures.

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