RSS linked think tank to hold seminar on threat to democracy from dynasty politics

New Delhi:┬áLeaders from different political parties will participate in a seminar on the ‘Threat of Dynastic Political Parties to Democratic Governance’ organised by RSS associated think tank ‘Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini’ (RMP) in the national capital.

BJP chief J.P. Nadda will inaugurate the one day seminar on May 19. Apart from Nadda, RMP chairman Devendra Fadanvis, senior advocate Mahesh Jethmalani as also representatives of non- dynastic parties JD(U), AIADMK and AGP will share their views on the topic.

Union Minister R.C.P. Singh will likely represent JD(U) and Tambi Durai will represent AIADMK.

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“In India, out of 50 major political parties from the 2,700 registered and recognised parties, at least 4/5th are dynasty based. This phenomenon seriously narrows down the available choices for a voter as it afflicts the element of competition,” BJP Rajya Sabha Member, Vinay Sahasrabuddhe said.

He noted that under the existing mechanism in such dynasty driven parties a single family controls practically everything, party finance, party membership, party candidacy, and also decisions about alliances and political partnerships. This serves as a death-knell to the internal democracy in parties.

“A party giving candidature to sons and daughters of its leaders is one thing and a family acquiring total control of a party is totally different. The latter is most detrimental to the cause of democracy. One can predict that a toddler today of the family of Chief in a family-driven party is for sure to become the party President some three decades later and this is seriously objectionable.”

The day-long seminar will discuss the democratic deficit generated by dynastic parties and will also explore the ways and means to regulate political party formation so as to prevent family controlled enterprises in any democratic polity.

“Recommendations evolved at the end of deliberations will be presented to the Election Commission of India,” Ravindra Sathe, Director General RMP said.

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