Salman Khan’s 3 best friends in Bollywood: SRK, Aamir and…

On his birthday, fans are not only celebrating Salman Khan but also reminiscing about the interesting tidbits from his past interviews

Mumbai: As Bollywood superstar Salman Khan celebrates his 58th birthday today, the internet is buzzing with ‘all things Salman’. On his birthday, fans are not only celebrating the actor but also reminiscing about these interesting tidbits from his past interviews.

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Amid the birthday wishes and retrospectives, an old interview has resurfaced, shedding light on Salman’s close ties within the film industry.

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In the interview, Salman Khan revealed his best friends from the industry, and unsurprisingly, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan made the list. The trio’s camaraderie has been well-known in Bollywood for decades. However, what caught everyone by surprise was the third name Salman mentioned.

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The revelation took place during the trailer launch event of the 2016 film “Freaky Ali,” directed by Salman’s younger brother, Sohail Khan. Salman, being supportive of his sibling, attended the event, where media interest naturally gravitated towards Salman’s personal life.

When asked about his best friends, Salman initially named Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan. However, he playfully questioned whether the media was anticipating the mention of an actress. Eventually, Salman surprised many by declaring that he considers Katrina Kaif as a good friend. The unexpected answer raised eyebrows and sparked curiosity among fans.

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