Samsung treats smartphone users’ data as state secrets: Top global executive

According to him, it all starts with security.

New Delhi: As nation-state bad actors are infiltrating devices of high-profile users via government spyware like NSO Group’s Pegasus and now Android-based ‘Hermit’, Samsung is treating users’ secrets as state secrets and providing chip-level security to safeguard their personal and other sensitive information, a top global company executive has said.

Our smartphones contain some of our most valuable information — from personal IDs, financial details, location and health data, private and professional conversations, app usage and more.

According to Dr Seungwon Shin, VP and Head of Security, Samsung Electronics, hackers are aware that smartphones can serve as an entry point to our personal identity, finances, personal accounts and have increased their attacks on mobile users through mobile malware, phishing and more.

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“That’s why it’s never been more important to keep our users and their data safe,” he said during a virtual meeting.

“We protect every single level of the device — from the chipset, to the OS and apps — with hardware-backed security,” Dr Shin added.

Samsung has created ‘TEEGRIS’, an operating system for security that allows partner to use hardware cryptography, encryption and access controls for a more secure app experience.

The company also runs integrity checks of key security components and functions to prevent unauthorised software from loading to the device.

“Our patented real-time Kernel Protection and DEFEX are among the only technologies to intercept any critical actions that could compromise the device while powered on,” Dr Shin informed.

‘Samsung Knox’, that started off as an enterprise security solution, quickly evolved into a holistic defence-grade security platform that “provides true end-to-end protection throughout our products’ entire lifecycle, for consumers and businesses alike,” informed Dr Shin who leads the security R&D team in the Mobile eXperience Business.

According to him, it all starts with security.

“Because there is no privacy without strong security. The only way to truly protect users’ privacy is to make sure their data never gets into the wrong hands. That’s why everything we do is to keep them and their information secure,” Dr Shin noted.

Samsung has also introduced up to four generations of One UI and Android OS upgrades on select Galaxy devices.

“Samsung’s responsibility to protect consumers doesn’t end once a device is in their hands. We give them control over their data with the Privacy Dashboard that gives them full visibility over who has access to their data and how it is being used,” the Samsung executive said.

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