Sangh Parivar targets Arabic, Islamic courses in Kerala universities

The leftists allege that the Sangh Parivar was propelling a larger narrative by sneaking RSS activists into university bodies

The Sangh Parivar has increased its ideological intervention in university education in Kerala, particularly targeting Arabic language and Islamic history courses, according to a report published in The Federal, a Tamil Nadu-based media outlet.

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As per the report, higher education in Kerala has become a subject to ideological clashes between the CPI-led state government and the Sangh Parivar.

A think tank associated with the Sangh Parivar, Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram (BVK), had earlier put forward a resolution demanding the cessation of ‘preferential treatment’ to Arabic language and Islamic studies in Kerala.

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The resolution stated, “Preferential interference in educational policymaking is driving away students from fundamental values. This is widespread in all areas of higher education in the state. Undue importance is given to Arabic language and Islamic studies at the expense of indigenous cultural studies. This bias is clearly evident in the respective syllabi.”

Moreover, the general secretary of the BVK, Sudheer Babu, alleged that the LDF government was crossing all the lines by predominantly appointing ‘communist fellow travelers’ in academic institutions.

“There are concerns that Islamic studies and Arabic languages are receiving preferential treatment, backed by the initiation of numerous courses in these disciplines, notably at the University of Calicut. On the other hand, the Sanskrit University, ostensibly established to promote Sanskrit, is engaging in activities that contradict our cultural ethos. The events taking place there do not help in nurturing Sanskrit,” he told The Federal.

Quoting state secretary of the Students Federation of India (SFI), PM Arsho, the report further said the leftists were alleging that it was rather the Sangh Parivar that was propelling a larger narrative by sneaking RSS activists into university bodies.

Arsho said, “It’s absurd that those trying not only to politicise but also to communalise the academic environment are now criticising secular initiatives. Sneaking RSS activists into university bodies, as done by the governor of Kerala, is a clear example of politicisation. This resolution is part of the larger narrative pushed by Sangh Parivar against left-wing politics, but it won’t gain support here.”

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