Saudi Arabia allows visiting Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifa in Madinah only once a year

To visit Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifa, a permit from the "Nusuk" or "Tawakkalna" application is required.

Riyadh: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ministry of Haj and Umrah has announced once a year permit availability for visiting Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifa in the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah.

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This came in a response to an inquiry raised on the Beneficiary Care Service Department’s X account. “Does reserving a permit for the honorable Rawdah give one person the right to reserve it once a year,” the department was asked.

In response, it said that the beneficiary cannot reserve a Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifa permit until 365 days have passed since the last permit issued to him/her.

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To visit Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifa, a permit from the “Nusuk” or “Tawakkalna” application is required, provided the individual is not infected with the COVID-19 or has contact with someone infected.

Steps to obtain permit for praying at Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifa

  • Create account and log in
  • Choose pray in Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifa icon
  • Select individuals, then specify the date and time
  • Read the instructions and approve it
  • Press the continue icon and get the permit

Saudi authorities have consistently emphasized the need for visitors to make pre-arranged reservations and adhere to a fixed schedule upon arrival at the sacred site.

After undertaking Umrah at Makkah’s Grand Mosque, many Muslims visit Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah for prayer and visit Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifa.

Saudi Arabia anticipates 10 million foreign Muslims to participate in the current Umrah pilgrimage,

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