Saudi Arabia to include music in educational curriculum

Riyadh: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decided to implement music as a subject to be taught as part of the curriculum in two years’ time starting from the kindergarten level, local media reported.

The acting CEO of the Music Commission Sultan Al Bazie told Arabic TV channel Al Arabiya that teaching music in schools can begin during the next two years, starting from kindergarten and senior grades.

Al Bazie further adds that preparations are afoot to teach music to pupils as an extracurricular activity via the e-platform “Madrasty”.

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The announcement comes in light of recent changes in Saudi Arabia that are transforming the kingdom into a hub in the region for concerts, art shows, and cultural and entertainment opportunities.

It is noteworthy that the academic year of 2022 witnessed the inclusion of 100 private schools to teach music in their programs. Schools were also supported by providing musical instruments and necessary support for the development of basic artistic skills for students.

On September 7, Saudi Arabia’s Music Commission announced the launch of the first virtual academy for music education in all parts of the Kingdom and the world. 

The Saudi Music Commission was established in February 2020; with the aim of creating the infrastructure for musical culture in the Kingdom to enable everyone to have the opportunity to learn music.

The authority also works on discovering, developing and empowering musical talents, and spreading awareness of music culture in the community.

The authority aims to establish a sector that contributes to the local economy, develop the Kingdom’s musical and cultural identity and publish it regionally and globally.

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