Save earth before it is too late

It’s no less a grim reminder to the environmentalists that in some parts of India the temperature this month has reportedly crossed 50 Celsius as against 45 to 48 ordinarily. This alarming rise in temperature causing heat wave condition has created havoc.

Even if occasional rain brings some relief to parched souls, we must not throw caution to the wind and avoid risk of breathlessness and dehydration.

Over the years, we have been learning about the negative impact of global warming on our health but in our blind race of expanding the commercial activities, we are turning urban spaces into concrete jungles. There is little consideration to natural light, fresh air and clean water for survival.

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It’s proved that the ozone layer in the atmosphere meant for protecting life from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays emitting from the sun, is being damaged from the hazardous greenhouse gasses. Carbons and continuous smokes are causing rupture to the protective shield, giving way to all kinds of miseries to the humans, plants and animals.

The first victim is human health as these rays like laser beams penetrate in our bodies and cause skin diseases including blisters, cancers, glaucoma and weaken the immune system.

The human interference with natural order has created disasters of great magnitude.

The melting of glaciers and the ice covering South and North poles are responsible for the unprecedented floods, acid rains, droughts, etc. They are creating havoc like hurricanes, cyclone, tsunami, wiping out all traces of habitation, pastures, harvest, green belts and cultivated lands.

While global warming is a major threat to our ecology, the catastrophic effect of the avoidable loud sounds, chemicals, poisonous gasses, and smokes emitted from the heavy and small industries cannot be overlooked.

A prolonged exposure to heatwave and extreme warming has receded water level in the earth to the extent that clean and drinkable water is becoming a pipe’s dream for many of our localities.

To cope with these complex environmental issues, a combined consistent effort has to be made and a much needed scientific temper has to be developed in the society.

The awareness of the benefits of a healthy environment, hazards of pollution, beside appreciation of ecological balance and indispensable relations between man and nature must be ingrained in the minds of our children.

Their syllabi in schools are to be devised in such a way to sensitize them about the catastrophe of an unhealthy, polluted environment and the fast shrinking earth.

No doubt there is an inbuilt mechanism to heal the ruptures in the realm of nature, which promises great hope for a better future for mankind on the earth.

However, it requires an earnest adherence to safeguarding its pristine beauty and grandeur through our consistent efforts.

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