Spain to allow pet custody to couples in case of divorce

owners will have to 'guarantee' the welfare of pets

Madrid: Spain has passed a law that grants the right, in the event of a divorce, to take care of domestic animals alternately, as they are now classified as living creatures that have feelings.

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“Pets are also one of the family members. In most cases, the responsibility for the pet must be shared after the couple has parted ways,” a Spanish court has ruled.

Under the new law, the court will consider the animal’s interests as well as the family’s needs when deciding who will take care of not only dogs and cats but also golden fish, turtles or other birds. The new law is aimed at resolving legal issues related to pets in divorce or break-up cases.

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Under the new Spanish law, owners will have to ‘guarantee’ the welfare of pets. If the couple has a history of animal cruelty or sexual violence against their ex-spouse, they may be denied pet control, AFP reported.

In Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal, animals have been identified as sensitive animals. It aims to end the legal wrangling that often occurs between couples who keep pets.

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