Subjected to ‘deception’ by staff member on Meta investigation team: The Wire

New Delhi: The Wire publication which earlier retracted stories it published against Metas content moderation policies, has further said that it was subjected to “deception” by one of the members of its “Meta investigation team”.

In an update posted on its website, the publication said it was currently reviewing its internal editorial processes.

“Had we done this before publication rather than after the fact, this would have ensured that the deception to which we were subjected by a member of our Meta investigation team was spotted in time,” The Wire said.

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“The Editorial team takes moral responsibility for the omission and undertakes to ensure that in future all technical evidence will be verified by independent experts before publication,” it added.

Last week, The Wire formally retracted its Meta stories after conducting an internal review of the technical source material used, with the help of external experts.

One of the stories accused Meta of taking down a controversial post on Instagram on behalf of Bharatiya Janata Party’s IT cell head Amit Malviya, backing it up with an alleged screenshot and video showing Instagram’s internal moderation system provided by a supposed “source” at Meta.

Meta slammed The Wire, saying that while it is legitimate for them to be held accountable for their content decisions, “the allegations made by The Wire were “outlandish and riddled with falsities”.

This latest admission indicates the media outlet was somehow tricked by an employee.

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