Surat’s paan masala dosa sparks social media debate: Yay or nay?

This innovative dish has sparked a discussion across social media

Surat is witnessing a unique fusion of flavours as local eateries introduce a new delicacy, the ‘Paan Masala Dosa’. Combining the traditional South Indian Dosa with the spicy tang of paan masala and topped with cheese, this innovative dish has sparked a discussion across social media.

The ‘Paan Masala Dosa’ preparation begins with the green batter made from paan or betel leaves, poured onto a dosa counter. Then, butter is spread over the green batter. Following this, a variety of toppings including chopped tutti frutti, dried fruits like cherries, raisins, apricots, dates, figs, and paan leaves are generously added. Additionally, the chef drizzles ample amounts of paan syrup over the Dosa.

A social media user questioned, “But why infuse Dosa and Pan Masala together?”

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“Seriously, they are destroying the authenticity of dishes,” said another. 

The now-viral video has shocked many users and people are questioning the need for such weird combinations.

On the other hand, some people remain curious, requesting a recipe or wanting to try the new flavours.

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