Syrian PM urges quick repair of Damascus airport

Damascus: Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous has urged a quick repair of the damage caused by the latest Israeli missile strikes to the Damascus airport.

Arnous made the call during his visit to the airport, where he was briefed on the damage to the main runway of the airport and an operating room during the missile strikes on June 10, reports Xinhua news agency.

The Syrian Transport Ministry announced the suspension of flights at the Damascus airport in the wake of the Israeli strikes.

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Some flights were diverted to the Aleppo airport.

The suspension of flights have prevented Syrians from travelling to the far northeastern province of Hasakah, which is possibly only accessible by air because of the presence of ultra-radical groups on the major roads leading to the province.

It is worth noting that humanitarian organisations have been largely relying on air transport to reach Hasakah and Aleppo.

Israel often hits the vicinity of the Damascus airport, but this is the first time the entire airport is rendered out of service as a result of the strikes.

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