• ScienceA researcher works on the development of a vaccine against the new coronavirus COVID-19

    Trial in Britain for cell therapy treatment of COVID-19

    New Delhi: Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are leading a UK-wide clinical trial, offering an innovative cell therapy treatment for Covid-19 patients with acute respiratory failure. This clinical trial — led by Professor…

  • Sciencecell death

    How trans fats assist cell death

    Washington D.C.: A molecular link between some trans fats and a variety of disorders, including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, has been uncovered by researchers in a recent study. The findings of the…

  • Politics

    Congress RTI cell head quits after LS debacle

    New Delhi: Saying the Congress cannot afford a stalemate for too long, party Chairman for Law and RTI Vivek Tankha has resigned and urged President Rahul Gandhi to revive the Congress as…

  • Health

    Stem cell protein may help find a blood cancer cure

    Bengaluru: Researchers have identified a stem cell protein that may play an important role in finding a cure for blood cancer. The study, done on mice, suggests a stem cell protein called…

  • Lifestyle

    Small cell lung cancer may respond to combination therapy

    Washington D.C. : Researchers have now discovered that a combination of immune checkpoint blockade and targeted therapies that block normal DNA damage repair (DDR) achieved significant tumour regression in mouse models of…

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