• Sciencemuscles

    Biomaterial mimicking muscles can turn stem cells into bone

    Washington D.C. [USA]: In a breakthrough invention, scientists have developed a polymer sheet that mimics muscles and has the ability to turn stem cells into bones. Stem cells are special in the…

  • News

    Upbeat music makes rigorous workout seem easier

    Washington: Music not only make us relaxed but offers other benefits as well. A recent study has suggested that upbeat music can make a rigorous workout appear less difficult. The study was…

  • Health

    Drinking coffee does improve bowel movement

    San Diego: Drinking coffee keeps the bowels moving because it changes gut bacteria and improves ability of intestines to contract, find researchers. Researchers, feeding rats coffee and also mixing it with gut…

  • Health

    Add a protein twist to your fitness regime

    New Delhi: The right amount of protein intake always goes hand-in-hand with a strict fitness regime to remain hale and hearty, suggest experts. Losing out on the required protein intake leads to…

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